Monday, 12 March 2018

Declining commitment to democracy : What’s going on around the world ?

The European Parliamentary Research Service organised a roundtable on the global state of democracy as seen by citizens on 7 March 2018.
EPRS Policy Roundtable 'Declining commitment to democracy : What's going on around the world ?' We should carefully look at those politicians who recruit so called fighters for human rights who want the freedom of religion and freedom of clothing limited as well as the right of parents to decide over their children. By bringing in restriction on what people may do with their family or not allowing them to decide what clothes their kids have to wear, they endanger the fundamental rights of liberty and go in again the human rights in general.

The EU is at the forefront of efforts to support democracy in third countries in the world but shall have its hands full the coming months to secure the democratic rights in its own phalanxes.

People expect democratic systems to deliver a good system to live in peace in which the economy booms. Economic success and good governance (and EU aid can play an important supportive role) is important for the strength and resilience of democracies. In this respect, EU development aid, as well as the human rights and democracy conditionality enshrined in many of its bilateral relations, can ensure that democratic and economic progress go hand in hand.  But people do have to be made aware of the danger of the extreme right groups which become more and more popular.

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