Thursday 12 August 2021

Need to inspire others

These days we could read in the Gospel of Mark how Jesus chose his twelve disciples and gave them a task.

From the gospels, we also can see how Jesus attracted people by his words and acts, like the many mriracles he did. We shall not be able to attract so many people by miracles, because we are not able to do such miracles. Also with our words, we probably shall not be able to attract so many people.

Naturally, it would be lovely if we also could bring such Good News, like our master teacher Jesus Christ brought.

We got inspired by him and we would love to inspire others also.

A person who wants to inspire others to be grateful or wants to convince others of the value and truth of gratitude to God has to be a person who others see as living a life of struggles greater than their own. Otherwise people dismiss the caller unto gratitude as speaking down to them, hypocritically, from a place of privilege and ease. 

We have to have empathy with those we are speaking to. We have to imagine what they are going through and what they are thinking about. In a certain way, we also do have to anticipate their questions or thoughts. A very important factor in our preaching is also the way of our listening. We do have to be all one ear to the ones we want to convince of the reason to follow Christ.

Some may think it is to difficult to go out and to preach to people. Or they think one has to have a special education at the university. But it is not that one has to belong to the clergy. Even when you would want to become part of elders in a church, there is not such a high need of religious education at a higher institute.

You also do not have to think preaching or witnessing would be too difficult for you, or that you would not be able to cope with it because of too many struggles.

Perhaps for this reason and also because one cannot deliberately put oneself in a bigger struggle than what God has ordained for one already,

Not every person is going to be able to inspire every other person towards gratitude and peace of heart. And perhaps this is also why much of mankind gives authority, in matters of spirit and truth, to the ascetic monk-like figure than to a person living in relative comfort and abundance. 

When just an ordinary person, living an ordinary civic life, that person can connect to the life of others, knowing exactly what they too have to undergo. Their experiences will not come across as other-worldly as they might to clergymen who often have no sense of the daily concerns of ordinary citizens.

Whether such an association between struggle and virtue (of piety and authority) is warranted remains open to debate. There is some merit to the idea that a person who is in struggle or strife themselves would be able to relate to and find authentic and convincing, someone else who knows what struggle feels like. But the association of struggle with material deprivation is a bias and judgment of a materialistic mind and hence a problematic judgment.

You do not have to be in possession of special attractive tools or books to reach people and to tell them about the times to come. A simple Bible is all you need so that you can show the Word of God.


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