Sunday 18 January 2009



“For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy way.  Psalm 91: 11

A.             Angels are Yahweh’s messengers that do His will.
At God’s command they protect, save, or kill.
They carry out God’s judgement upon wicked men.
Some have appeared and been seen now and then.

N.              Now salvation in Christ Jesus through God’s Word.
Is much nearer than when we first heard.
Yahweh opened our hearts in Jesus our King.
                  When with joy we were baptized into Him.

G.              God’s angels minister to our needs each day.
As we worship Him, study, preach and pray.
We each have an angel by our side.
Though unseen by us they help and guide.
E.              Eternity in paradise on earth is God’s prize.
Seen by our faith and through spiritual eyes.
Jesus the King will receive power and praise.
Adored by angels, and those God will raise.   
L.              Look and follow Jesus He is The Way.
He will grant us eternity on judgement day.
Remain in God’s love, your future is sure.
Changed & immortal like angels, if we endure.

     S.          Salvation from Yahweh by His son, only Him.
  Because of obedience to Christ Jesus our King.
  Our future transformation from the world we hate.
  Ministering angels will protect us as we wait.

“And to you who are troubled rest with us, when The Lord Jesus shall be revealed
from heaven with His mighty angels.” 2 Thessalonian 1: 7


Bro. D Pickering  (1997)


2013 update

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