Monday, 5 January 2009

Sometimes we pray and pray and it seems like nothing happens.

Sometimes it seems that we pray and pray and nothing happens. This leads some of us to feel that God has abandoned us. The truth is that God would never abandon any of his precious children! He would never leave your nor forsake you! Sometimes it takes time for our miracles to manifest. It's not that God is too busy to get to you, not at all! There is a timing behind everything and God being all-wise knows when to best manifest the answer to a prayer or bring about a miracle. God always acts on our best behalf. Whether it is a lesson we need to learn, or a reason only God understands, our prayers will be answered in Gods due time. God would never ignore nor abandon us. We must continue to show our faith and trust in Him as we wait and our miracles will manifest before we know it in their due time!
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