Friday 20 February 2009

End Times

fredewardus wrote:

Where can I get information on the current position of Christadelphian
belief regarding Biblical interpretation of the end times ?

Perhaps this can be of interest
When is "the End"?
Signs of the End
Exploring the Apocalypse and the Future

The New Jerusalem

The Day of Judgement
The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth
- pdf -

14.8 The Destruction of Heavens and Earth (Rev. 21:1; 2 Pet. 3:6-12
Hope for a Hopeless World
The End of the World
The Kingdom of God on Earth
The Middle East and Bible Prophecy

I further recommend weekly world watch


  1. THE ("God") uppermighty mystery. THE brings construction and also destruction in to the universe and so on earth. THE will kill humans on one day in the future (, we don't know really when it is going to happen , but it will happen !!! Buddhists , Jews , Christians, Muslims, Hindus, others. Nobody is right , nobody has got the truth, the truth is mystery , mystery is THE. It is important that we humans (mammals) are behaving good , that means : being impartial about religious movement , pro unity. We do NOT know if there is a "heaven" when we are going to die, it is a mystery, just like life is a mystery... Carpe diem...

  2. When people are dead they can be cremated or put in a grave. By that action they shall become dust. Nothing of them is going to a certain afterworld, heaven or paradise.
    We are told in the Bible that the righteous shall inherit the earth. (Ps 37:29)
    At the end times Christ shall be king over a Kingdom which shall have the saved ones living here on earth.

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