Monday 16 February 2009

Gospel = Good tidings, good news, a good message

No one of intelligence will dispute the meaning of the word “Gospel;” it signifies “good tidings,” good news, — a good message. Nevertheless, often what many consider “a real gospel sermon” is understood to signify bad tidings — tidings of eternal misery to the great mass of our race — to all except the little flock of God’s faithful people who respond to a “gospel” of accepting Jesus or spending eternity in miserable suffering. As a consequence the preacher of a “gospel sermon” is expected to figuratively shake the congregation over an abyss of everlasting torture, making as strong an effort as possible to intimidate them thereby to a thorough reformation of life, in hope of thus escaping an awful eternity.

 - Restoration Light

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The True Gospel

  • The Roman Catholic faithgospel
  • The Calvinistic Gospel (Calvinsists, Presbyterian, Congregationalists, Baptists, and many Lutherans and Episcopalians).
  • The Arminian Gospel (Methodists, Free-Will Baptists)
  • The true Gospel, Gospel of blessing to all the people (gospel of peace,gentleness, patience, meekness)
Quote: All that ever went before our Lord’s preaching was not the Gospel, but merely types and promises which foreshadowed it.

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