Wednesday 11 March 2009

Aim High: Examples of Godly Characters to follow

Be Abraham in faith.
Be Isaac in fear (Gen 31:42).
Be Jacobs in wrestling.
Be Abels or Noahs in righteousness.
Be Enochs in holiness.
Be Jobs in patience.
Be Moses' in sacrificing the pleasures of sin.
Be Jethro's in rejoicing (Exod 18:9).
Be Samuels in upholding obedience.
Be Josephs in forgiveness.
Be Davids in prayer and praise.
Be Nehemiahs in fearlessness.
Be Calebs or Joshua in whole heartedness.
Be Johns and Jonathans in love.
Be Josiahs in tenderness.
Be Aarons in consecration.
Be Jeremiahs in lamentation.
Be Pauls in enthusiasm and zeal.
Be Habakkuks in holy trembling.
Be Esthers in noble resolve (Esther 4:16).
Be Persis in labour.
Be Cornelius' or Dorcas' in benevolent work and arms deeds.
Be Isaiahs in sublimity.
Be Phebes in service and succour.
Be Stephens in irresistible argument.
Be Antipas' in faithfulness.
Be Nathaniels in guilelessness.
Be Arimathean Josephs in looking after the body of Christ.
Be Daniels in courageous devotion.
Be Marys in sitting at the feet of Jesus, and in expensive expressions of love.
Be John the Baptists in burning and shining testimony.
Be Mordecais in seeking the good of Israel.
Be Timothys in reading the Scriptures.
Be Gideons in valour.
Be Samsons in strength.
Be Solomons in wisdom.
Be Elijahs in fervent prayer.
Be Lydias in worship.
Be Sarahs in quietness and subjection.
Be Titus' in "earnest care".
Be Mark's in profitableness (2 Tim. 4:11).
Be Appolos' in eloquence, and might of the Scriptures.
Be Annas in testifying of Christ (Luke 2:38).
Be James' in faithful admonition.
Be Peters in boldness (Acts 4:13).
Be Philemons in refreshing the saints (Phil 7).
Be Lois' or Eunices in unfeigned conviction.
Be Hezekiahs in tearful recognition of the chastening hand of God.
Be Abigails in bountiful recognition of service rendered.
Be Nathans in straightforward accusation (2 Sam 7:7).
Be Elishas in discernment, as to time and circumstances when gifts may be
received and when refused (2 Kings 6:26).
Be Ezras in uncompromising counsel.
Be Ezekials in the faithful exhibition of wickedness and its consequences.
Be Lukes in writing to the excellent of the earth (Luke 1:3).
Be Malachis in bearing faithful testimony against evil.
Be Jepthahs in keeping your word (Judges 11:35).
Be Ruths in resolution and purpose.
Be Zadocks in not going astray.
Be Andronicus, and Junias in noteworthiness.
Be Priscillas and Aquillas in helpership.
Be Samaritans in neighbourly kindness.
Be Ephesians in refusing complicity with evil.
Be Pergamians in holding fast to the faith.
Be Thyratirains in works of faith, patience and charity.
Be Philadelphians in keeping the word, and confessing the name of Christ.

In a word, be Christ's in Spirit and in truth (Romans 8:9).

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Several characters from the game; left to righ...
Several characters from the game; left to right, Eliwood, Sain, Dorcas, Lyn, Rebecca, Hector and Serra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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