Monday, 16 March 2009

The one who makes us well and gives life

“The thief only enters [the sheep-pen] to steal and slay and destroy [the sheep]. I came so that [the sheep] may have Life, and have it beyond measure.” (Joh 10:10 MHM)

 “For the payment for sin is death; but, the gracious gift of The God [is] everlasting life incorporate in Christ Jesus our Master.” (Ro 6:23 MHM)

 “For if from the one trespass the death reigned as king because of that one [man], how much more will those who have received the rich gift of being pronounced innocent, and the free gift of righteousness, reign [as kings] in life by the one human, Jesus Christ.” (Ro 5:17 MHM)

 “For, since death is by means of a human, so also by means of a human those dead will be resurrected. For just as in the Adam all are dying, so also in the Christ all will be made alive.” (1Co 15:21-22 MHM)

 “Now [His purpose] has been made manifest by means of the Appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus. He rendered death ineffective and shed light on life and incorruption by means of the Good News.” (2Ti 1:10 MHM)

 “But the [cured] person told them: “The One who made me well, that person said to me: ‘Pick up your cot and walk about.’” They asked him, “Who is the person who told you, ‘Pick up and walk about?’”” (Joh 5:11-12 MHM)

 “For The God did not send forth the Son into the world of humankind so that he should condemn the world of humankind by means of him, but rather that the world of humankind should be saved by means of him.” (Joh 3:17 MHM)

Dutch version / Nederlands > Diegene die ons gezond maakt en leven geeft

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