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Times of the Gentiles

Ronald of the
Restoration Light Bible Study Services
gives an answer to the question:
What is the times of the Gentiles?

By the term "Gentile Times," many Bible students in general understand Jesus to refer to the times, or years, in which the Gentile kingdoms were to be permitted to rule the world, and demonstrate whether they could bring universal peace and blessing. The Gentile Times began 2520 years ago,
when God took away the typical kingdom from the family of David. He then declared that He would overturn it until Messiah should come, and set up the antitypical Kingdom of God. - Ezekiel 21:26,27.

These Gentile Times should not be confused with the 2 1/2 times spoken of in Revelation. The book of Revelation is not speaking of the physical Jerusalem, but it is speaking symbolically. Generally speaking, many Bible Students believe that the Gentile Times began in 607 BC (606 BC counted as whole years from autumn to autumn) and ended in 1914 AD, a period of 2520 years, "seven times" (7 X 360, twice the 2 and a half times of the book of Revelation).

Some studies on this, two from Russell, and an extended study by Julian Gray (see his studies on the Gentile Times):


Brother David Rice uses a different chronology, but still has the Gentile Times ending in 1914.


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