Thursday 30 April 2009

Jesus spitting image of his father

Me Twinkle Toes wrote:

Something I find escapting many Trinitarians is the simple fact that God himself, through his Word, gave us the illustration of a father and son when teaching us about himself and his beloved son. God wants us to know him and the best he came up with was the relationship of father and son, not an egg or triangle.
There are times when I remind myself of my parents, even look a bit like them but I am not them. I can't go to the bank and take money out of their account, I can't go to work for them, my siblings don't call me mom/dad, you get the idea. I am just not my parent no matter how much DNA we share or how much we look alike or even how we think alike. Not only are we separate people but we are also very different.
Jesus is the spitting image of his father. Yet, he remains distinctly separate. Jesus thinks so much like Jehovah that Jehovah entrusts him with all things. From my understanding the only difference between these two is that of power. Jehovah created Jesus, not the other way around. But this does not mean Jesus is some shrinking violet! Hardly! Jesus created all other things using the power his father gave to him and when it was lost he went and got it back, for his father. Jesus himself gives his entire being to his father... and for that, his father gives him everything back. It is quite a beautiful relationship.
Don't we all wish our relationship with our parents/children were in such perfect harmony!

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