Thursday, 14 May 2009

Race, Skin color and differences

On our debate "Where does Satan lives?" Debralyn Potter wrote:

I do have a question, when everyone was sent out with a different language to different lands, where did different colored skin come from?  Asian eyes, etc?
Figured the people of Africa,the ones with skin that could handle the sun, were more likely to survive and keep creating even darker as time went on..
Then thought wait a minute what about eye shapes?
I don't get lost in this, only curious.

I anwered that this brought us to an other topic, namely the differences between humans, and animals.
I think the different skincolors and differences in noses and eyes came from the evolution, the body adapting to the climates and the environment. (To protect against sun rays, light, temperature/ having the sin covered or not,etc.)
Was it not the Creator His choice?

“Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may 
ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil.” (Jer 13:23 ASV)

Debralyn Potter replied:
I would believe that the traits in the humans dna that could withstand the cold, that person would be able to survive there, thus others like this one too.So they would be the stronger people with the strongest traits who mated and on and on.
I don't believe in evolution. If that were true we would not have species going extinct because of dire weather changes. They cannot adapt if they do not have the dna to do that.
Does not matter how many species you put in a certain area, if they don't have the dna to pass on, with other like species, they die.
Jehovah made every animal to be with his kind for a reason. You can put as many African lions as you want in cold cold Alaska,they would all die. Same as Polar Bears in Africa.
You all are helping with this so much!! thank you! Love,debilyn
My experience is this is talking about ones who are choosing to bad and won't follow Jehovah.
He is saying a leopard cannot change his spots,  and the Cush'ite change the color of his skin, same as these people who have turned against Jehovah's, who had free will and chose evil not good. It is unchangeable. love,debilyn

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  1. Paul Leonard writes:

    Think back to the events at Babel.

    Jehovah may well have given varying language systems to groups by race or other characteristics. In addition over time inter marriage marriage could have brought out certain dominate traits in each group. IN fact "racism' within each language group could have arisen forcing ones with similar characteristics to draw closer together.

    As an example It is not hard to identify someone from say Denmark, compared to Ireland, yet both are of the same "race". Both also speak a different language. While Irish are generally viewed as short, Danes are the tallest nationality.