Friday 30 October 2009

Two states of existence before God

"There are only two states of existence before God: the flesh and the spirit, darkness and light, death and life. The unbeliever walks "according to the course of this world ... according to the spirit that worketh in the children of disobedience ... fulfilling the desires of the flesh ... and are by nature the children of wrath."
John Marshall,
The New Life

"This is a truth which must be courageously faced.
However good, in the worldly sense, however gentle or loving, the unbeliever is disobedient to God
- and it is He who judges, not we ourselves.
That is why Paul wrote: "do not unite yourself with unbelievers; they are no fit mates for you.
What has righteousness to do with wickedness? Can light consort with darkness?
Can Christ agree with Belial or a believer join hands with an unbeliever?
Can there be a compact between the temple of God and the idols of the heathen?
And the temple of the living God is what we are" (2 Corinthians 6:14-16, NEB).


Dutch translation / Nederlandse vertaling > Twee staten van bestaan voor God
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