Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Do Christians need to read the Old Testament

This  month's survey question:
Do Christians need to read the Old Testament?
Is information about Jesus Christ not confined to the New Testament?

Possible  answers:
  • - Christians don't need to read anything!
  • Can they then just take any book from the Bible to choose to read, and then form an understanding?
  • - The Old Testament is irrelevant to Christianity.
  • In many denominations they find it essentially mainly to read the New Testament, where the emphasis is put on the Gospels.
  • - It is impossible to understand the New Testament apart from the Old Testament.
  • - The Old Testament is useful but not necessary.
  • Some behold the Old Testament as a full book that could be read but which is not really necessary to understand Jesus and to see how we can enter the Kingdom of God.
  • - Don't know.

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