Monday, 11 January 2010

1 -15 Nisan

1st of Nisan, 5770

Start:         Mar 15, '10 6:00p
End:         Mar 16, '10 6:00p

Rosh Chodesh Nisan
ראש חדש ניסן

Start:         Mar 29, '10 6:00p
End:         Mar 30, '10 6:00p

15th of Nisan, 5770
ט״ו בניסן תש״ע
Pesach I
פסח יום א׳

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The New Moon is not until April 14th, because in this Scriptural year there are 13 months. So that makes the ending of the 26th the beginning of the 14th so the 27th of April is Nisan 14th. And anyone has Passover one month earlier, they have take the Winter New Moon before the Spring Equinox. This is again is a 13th moonth year. Doc