Monday, 18 January 2010

Kilimanjaro for Kids

Kilimanjaro for Kids

On January 29th, 2010, Cameron Beeler is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, with four other volunteers, to raise funds for the Christadelphian Community Outreach Program Trust (COPT) in South Africa. Specifically, the funds being collected will be used to support the COPT owned Preschools where we (the Christadelphian community) supervise, educate, care for, disperse donated clothing and manage basic health to children who are 3-7 years old – many of whom are orphaned. These same pre-schools, mainly located in the township areas, double as our church buildings during the weekends.

COPT is a certified humanitarian organization (NGO, NPO). Prepared to Preach (P2P) volunteers who have volunteered in South Africa have had some of their costs met by this fund.

The christadelphian organisation is extremely grateful for every contribution! The cost per child is approximately $15 USD / month, or $180 per year. COPT is challenging church congregations, individuals and corporate entities to sponsor "One Child at a Time." All of the project workers are 100% volunteers and none of your donation will be consumed in admin costs.

Contributions can be made directly to the COPT at the COPT site:; or at the Good news of the Kingdom of God site:;

Here's Cam’s blog:; & Cam also has a Facebook Group called "Kili for Kids."