Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Bible: God’s Word or pious myth?

The authority of any religion depends upon its origin. Who is pronouncing what is truth? If the origin is purely human, why should we take any notice?
Are the teachings of Christianity accepted because they are found originally in the writings of men, which make up the Bible? What can the compilation extended from the days of Moses (1400 BC) to the days of the apostle John (end of 1st Century AD), a period of 1,500 years have of significans? Are its writings writings philosophical predictions?
Who is really responsible for them? Is there somebody behind them?

- The Bible: God’s Word or pious myth?


- The Bible is a book of myth and is of human origin
- The Bible is inspired by God in all its parts
- The Bible is partially inspired by God and partially uninspired
- The Bible is untrustworthy and irrelevant
- Don't know

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