Tuesday 9 February 2010

Bible for you and for life

Some time soon Jesus is coming and everybody should be aware of the importance of the Bible.  2011 can be a very important year where more people shall talk about Gods Word then ever before. We should take the occasion to make it come alive.

TheBible4Life Committee explain what is planned for the national preaching effort next year.



  1. The video will be shown for the first time in public at the Campaigners Fraternal at Warwick next Saturday 13th GW..

  2. Is the Bible really special? Is it particular? Yes, definitely! He is still relevant, he never ages, he never becomes obsolete. The father has in this a very clear message for us, a message which refreshes our souls and our hope for the present and for the future. For every conceivable problem there can be found an answer in the Bible. The words shake us awake and show us in black and white what our rights and obligations are for now and for the future. We can read who we are in Christ Jesus and how we can lead a victorious life. The Word of God teaches us to confess the Word in belief. Words are generally important; they are possible to bring dead or life, but the word of God is a lot of times more powerful. It preaches life and abundance for them that believe. God stands behind His Word. “Heaven and earth will go away, but the Word of God continues to exist indefinitely.