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21st Century Version of the Christian Scripture or Mark Heber Miller Bible

Mark Heber Miller, born in 1938 in the Norfolk, Virginia, has always had a strong spiritual bent and a particular love of the Bible. His great-great grandfather William Miller was one of the founding fathers of the Bible Students division now better known as the Jehovah Witnesses. He did 20 years of missionary work in the U. S., The Bahamas, The Netherlands, and Spain. He became a seminarian instructor, writer and photographer and research consultant for the largest publisher of Bible literature in the world, the Watch Tower Society. 19 years before me he suffered a catastrophic and traumatic auto wreck and like me he came near to death. He renewed deep research in the spiritual depths of the Bible.
Several Bible Students wanted to indicate the importance of Christ his offering and found themselves as Friends of the Nazarene. Our Belgian Bible Student Movement of "Vrijë Christenen" or "Free Christians" found the same spirited people to discuss the Word of God. Notes and ideas where interchanged.
Mark Heber Miller brought with his
spiritual community of Messianic Christians during the years 1997 through 2001 a monthly On-line Biblical Studies Magazine.
In the mid-90s he determined to create a fresh version of the New Testament, at first designed for computer use on the Internet, which became printed by Living Waters.

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The texts on which the OLB modules MHM and MHMNC are based consist of a new version, the 21st Century Version of the Christian Scriptures© [NCMM], as an additional part of Nazarene Commentary 2000-2002©. This rendering by Mark Heber Miller may be considered a literal version with limited paraphrase.
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