Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Life questions

Lots of people have a lot of questions about life, reasons of being here of having to do all that work, or suffering. Many people are looking at our world and are concerned by what they see. they notice all the problems and see what religions causes to people.
People wonder what there was before they lived and if there is something after they die. What is life all about? Is there somebody responsible for us being here and for what happens in the world? Is there a real hope for the future, despite our present problems? And when there is a responsible creator, why do we do not get to know him better? And people wonder why they should believe in a God they can not see. where do we go to? And what is going to happen to the world?
It is an unfortunate fact that virtually everything in our world seems to be deteriorating. would that also includes us as well? We all share the problem that we have no long term future. So what is going to happen?

Please do find the answers at Lifes-big-questions.

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