Wednesday 17 March 2010

The manager and Word of God

By reading the Bible thorough we can take it up in us. We can let the Word of God work in us, penetrate in us, and even let it change us.  In our everyday surroundings it can accumulate in us and let us take other actions then most of the world would take. As the Mind of God can inspire and lead us.  So God can even to come to live in us through the Holy Spirit and change us from inside out.  The Spirit in us produces fruit.  That is: tolerated love, joy, peace, kindness and goodness, belief, gentleness and self-control.  These beautiful qualities can we, as we let that belief work in us, also let to work in on others. When we are managers or bosses we do not have to be the dictators or the person in charge who does not take into account the human social relations and conditions. Our attitude, the way we treat the people under our management, has to show others that we are followers of the Master Teacher Jesus Christ, and that we are all children of God, or God's creation.

In Naargelang gelovige of niet gelovige baas I talk about the findings of managers of different beliefs and how they treat their workers.

In het Nederlands kan u een artikel vinden over het Verschil tussen protestantse managers en katholieke en niet-christelijke leidinggevenden
> Naargelang gelovige of niet gelovige baas

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