Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Seven Daughters of Eve

The Seven Daughters of Eve (2001, ISBN 0-393-02018-5) a must read for anyone considering a DNA analysis to supplement genealogical work is a book by Bryan Sykes that presents the theory of human mitochondrial genetics to a general audience. Although most of the book describes his research path (see Understanding Genetic Genealogy) he applied the mitochondrial DNA knowledge to determine the progress of Homo sapiens out of Africa
and lapses into the romantic visions of the daughters or clan mothers toward the end.

Sykes explains the principles of genetics and human evolution, the particularities of mitochondrial genetics, and analyses of ancient DNA to genetically link modern humans to prehistoric ancestors.

The study found that Jews share a common set of genetic signatures with Arab races (including Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese), which are significantly different from Gentile races living
outside the Middle East. Again this is in accord with the Genesis account of the common ancestry of Jews and Arabs from Abraham.
Although we should not attach too much significance to the results of these genetic studies, which involve a good deal of imaginative interpretation on the part of the scientists taking part, it is nevertheless interesting to see to what extent they accord with the true history of mankind recorded in the Word of God.

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