Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Moving around looking for a homeland

"Home at Last"
"Home at Last" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It is again holiday time and many go for a time far from house.  When they leave they have the security that they will turn back to their safe home.
But sometimes travelling people let their minds wander and dream of a lovely place to stay, the ideal living space.

Millennia ago many had to leave their house to some promised land. It happened even in the history that for 1000 year a people was spread over the entire earth. Taken away from home they hoped for a promised native country. They counted there on that their patriarch who received the promise of the All Father would bring them rescue and a country of peace for forever.
A holocaust did their people awful shrink but their hope remained and came closer to existence in 1948. the State Israel might become a reality and would become populated by the Jewish community. Again once an exodus, that the whole world event would change, took place.

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