Monday, 12 July 2010

Weekly World Watch July 4 - 10, 2010



In this weeks WWW

Israel promises peace
Russia promises Iran reactor ready soon
The Queen makes a promise and is about to break it

  1. Obama: Bond between U.S., Israel ‘unbreakable’
  2. Russia, U.S. swap 14 in Cold War-style spy exchange
  3. Moscow to have Iran's reactor running by September
  4. Pope's UK visit 'could cost taxpayers £12m'
  5. Anti-Israel ‘Lawfare’ in Europe
  6. Increased quake activity predicted for California faults
The tensions have been increasing between Israel and the US over Jerusalem building projects. However this time their differences were put aside and Obama went out of his way to explain that America was never going to abandon Israel and implied that Israel would not be forced to give up their nuclear weapons.

About first ever state visit of a Pope to Britain. This is hugely significant.
A state visit is a formal visit by a foreign head of state to another nation, at the invitation of that nation's head of state. State visits are the highest form of diplomatic contact between two nations. In other words the Pope has been invited by the Queen and he will have all the ceremonial pomp and recognition that goes with a state visit.
The Queen is breaking her vow here and will be judged for it. She swore an oath at her coronation. Archbishop: “Will you to the utmost of your power maintain in the United Kingdom the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law?” Queen: “All this I promise to do.” A protestant is someone who rejects the authority of the Pope and accepts the Bible as their ultimate authority. In welcoming the Pope as the head of the Vatican State, the Queen is acknowledging his authority and breaking her vow.
God said a latter day Tyre would sing as a harlot. We see these words coming true….