Tuesday 13 July 2010

Israel Gods people

Was Moses being too starry-eyed, too close to the Israelites to see things in perspective, when he spoke of them as the "chosen people"?

The idea that God has a special relationship with the nation of Israel does not go down well today.  Our society is pre-occupied with equality and equal opportunity.  Why should God choose one nation out of the many that fill the globe?  What is so special about that tiny strip of land between the continents, the country we now call Israel, for which He seems to have such a deep regard?

Did every detail of the prophecy come true: the sojourn in a foreign land; the slavery; the taking of a spoil; the 400 years?
In case the murder of God's Son was the ultimate act of rebellion by the Chosen People, were the Israelites punished whe they, as Moses had foreseen, became the Wandering Jews after 70AD, to be found in practically every country of the world, despised, reviled and hounded by persecution from city to city?  For long centuries, exactly as the cursings had warned, they had no rest for the soles of their feet.
"Has God rejected His people?"

This month's survey question:
 God's People?  God's Land?

  1. The people of Israel are God's people and an integral part of His plan.
  2. The people of Israel are NOT God's people nor is Palestine their land.
  3. The notion of a chosen people is irrelevant and wrong-headed.
  4. Don't know.

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