Wednesday 4 August 2010

This month's survey question: Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell: What does the Bible REALLY teach?

For centuries preachers went around bringing frightful ideas about places were people would be tortured for the sins they had done here on earth.  It has been commonly believed by most professing Christians that heaven is the abode of the righteous dead where they experience everlasting joy and happiness, and that hell is the eternal abiding place of the wicked who are subject to never-ending torment in its unquenchable fires.

This month's survey question:
Is the Bible's Hell a flaming torture chamber?

  • Yes.  Unrepentant sinners deserve what they get!
  • No.  The word translated hell simply means the grave.
  • The notion of a fiery hell is nothing but empty superstition.
  • Hell is conscious eternal separation from God, not torture in flames.
  • Don't know.

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