Monday, 27 September 2010

Weekly World Watch 19th - 25th Sept 2010‏

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The beatification of Cardinal Newman
The Vatican corruption scandal
  • The Catholic Church is steeped in corruption. Whether you look at their doctrines, their horrific abuse of children or even their finances - it is corrupt.
The "peace" speech by Israel's president
Russia's claim of the arctic
  • It is a question that could provoke a new Cold War as global warming opens up the possibility of exploiting vast new energy reserves: Who owns the Arctic?
  • American geologists estimate that the Arctic may contain at least 90billion barrels of oil and as much as 1.55quadrillion cubic metres of gas, or a third of global reserves.
    Russia wants this rich reserve for itself.

The warning of a war about to start

  • North and South Korea are on the brink of war, a top Russian diplomat has warned, calling for both countries to exercise restraint and sit down for talks.
  • There is also increasing tension between Japan and China.