Monday, 25 October 2010

Change of the Microsoft Network Spaces

First we became hit through the closing of the MSN Groups through which the Christadelphian and the Bijbelonderzoekers platform became transferred to Multiply.  Then came the change in the Google pages for the Main-website of the Belgian Christadelphians, in which all the pages now must be reset, corrected, and all the links must be rewritten.  Half on the way we now became  confronted with the ending of the MSN Spaces, that restrains that in such a way that links again become lost and error reports would come out.  All the pages must become now once again reworked.

The transfer to the new platform went hopefully successful.  When you find that something went wrong please would you be so kind to let us know.  For our Belgian ecclesia or church community, you can find the new correct web-place on Belgian Christadelphians Ecclesia Louvain.


Link-update 2017 January

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