Friday, 5 November 2010

How should we react against the world

First of all let me say that there are different opinions on the matter how we may be involved in the affairs of the world. I personally find that we may not be  unaware, unconsious, insensitive and should try to help where we can.

when I look in my mailbox I become bombarded with loads of requests to join many causes. Can we take part in those causes which seem to us to reflect some of the things we believe or were we can stand behind? Are we limited how far we can go and which organization we may trust and help. - I think so.

What is your opinion?

This month's survey question:

Should we participate in protest movements?

Yes! How else will we change the world?
No! God will change the world, not us!
Yes but cautiously and non-violently.
Christianity is irrelevant to real world issues.
Don't know.

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The Bible Answer to Revolution and Human Rights

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