Monday, 24 January 2011

Financial aid requested by Nagarajan

From our Brother K.Nagarajan we got this request:

"My Dad had a heart attack on 7th of December and under emergency
conditions He was treated and had to be done ANGIOPLASTY with 3 stents
in his arteries. and is now recovering.

The medical expenses has been very high and our Christadelhians from
AUstralia and Hyderabad paid for it . There is still deficit of Rs 3.5
Lacs to pe paid.

Please , kindly , send some help from your ecclesia , directly to Bro
Tim at Hyderabad , who is coordinating here


bro Tim is co-ordinating from Austarlia,

Bro TIM HARRINGTON at Australia
email :rollaway ,
or Phone No Australia +61397267664

Please keep in your prayers and infor the ecclesia members and do the
needful at the earliest.

in Lords Love

Sis Divya
Sis Naomi

Those who would like to help this family in isolation are welcome to do so. You are welcome to contact the ACBM North West India  Secretary Tim Harrington [613] 9726 7664 e-mail: