Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cosmos creator and human destiny

Author challenges 'new atheists' on man's origins Breaking News
Apologetics 'icon' takes on Darwin, Dawkins and others
"Cosmos, Creator and Human Destiny," by Dave Hunt offers a devastating critique of the breathtaking speculation that the new atheists employ:
"What the average person believes to be his or her inner motives, desires or deepest thoughts, says Dawkins and other new atheists, are really the product of evolution turning each person into a puppet of the impersonal forces of natural selection!"
 Hunt writes.
 "You think you think, but you really don't. It's your selfish genes doing the thinking for you, and you are a meaningless lump of protein molecules."
In essence, Hunt points out time and again the absurd speculations and attempts at logic that are the hallmark of aggressive atheists today, who are the spiritual children of Huxley and Spencer.
Hunt's meticulous research, which is legendary, is on display here as well. Writing about the first steps toward faith taken by former atheist Anthony Flew in 2004, Hunt describes the tactics employed by Flew's former bedfellows:
"Unwilling to lose one of their most famous stars, the atheists have tried to discredit this book by Flew,"
Hunt writes.
 "There have been suggestions that he is elderly and senile, unable to write the book himself."
 Flew, however, and his publisher, HarperCollins, vigorously denied this. It is another example of the petulance of what the Bible calls fools – those who deny the Creator who gave them the breath in their bodies.


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