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To belong to = toebehoren

To belong to

Dutch original version: Toebehoren

One can belong to someone or to something or get by someone. A person can when he belongs be subjected or submitted to someone or be the property or possession of someone.

Under the key word or tag “toebehoren” (to belong to / belonging to) you will find mainly articles that go over the vassalage or which concerns giving oneself vassalage or finding himself self as possession of someone or something else, like to anger, the world, people, or to Jesus or in the best circumstances to God.

Belonging to (“toebehoren”) implies that one belongs there to and wants to make en inherent part of. It is an implicit action of dispossession or act of surrender or vassalage in solidarity. It is the surrender of the self, wanting to bind the dispossession of itself to that or to the one whom one wants to belong to. One wants to be part or constitute of that to which the person wants to be connected with or to be related to. The binding to the thing or person is by willing to give the own personality in subjection to the other.

Originating from the Indo-European  (Indo-German) ekklèsia and the Greek verb the ekklèsiadzö: (folkmeeting / gathering of the people) the assembly or public meeting or to convene also “to conduct there the word” indicates the gathering or coming together of them which have prepared themselves to attach themselves to the Lord they want to come under. The ekklesia (Gr. EKKX7/vla, of EK, of, EK, and KaXEiv, to clamour, to cry, weep, call out, making noice) brings together those people who are kyriakón (kirk signaling “from the lord originating” or “belonging to the lord”, “ the, lord belonging”). Belonging to God also indicates that one feels oneself at home by him and is happy to be under His custody. One wishes to put oneself at the service of God and in solidarity one can be then the group belonging to God or the belonging ones, or the ecclesia, also known as the ‘church”.

From the Greek word and term ekklèsia the Romanesque words for church have originated: église (Fr.), chiesa (It.), iglesia (Sp.), igreja (Port.) as well as the words kirk, kirke, kirch, church.

Belonging to also means being part of, being devoted to, attached to, but also being one of mind.

Being affiliated, to be part of, to be a member of

accompanying, originating, included, enclosed, being attached to, adherent at, inherent at,

including, implicitly.

To fit, to harmonize, to agree

constitute by, to level by, part from, in the terms, come under, being intrinsic, inherent.
the solidarity, attachment
attach to, appertain to

cum annexis, with ap- and dependence , dependency

enclose, to understand, imply

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