Saturday, 9 April 2011

Bethézer providing relief

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Bethézer voorziet verlichting

Bethézer is taken from two Hebrew words and means House of Help. Bethézer’s founders chose these words because they aptly express the organisation’s underlying purpose of providing welfare, relief and developmental aid to the poor and needy in Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Bethézer projects attempt to provide members of the Christadelphian community, not just the option of contributing financially to a humanitarian alternative to popular aid funds, but also provide an opportunity to be involved in the actual project’s themselves.
Bethézer projects are designed to facilitate preaching opportunities and it is our desire to support the work undertaken by mission organisations such as the ACBM (Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission) and CBM (Christadelphian Bible Mission). The ‘Phnom Penh Dormitory projects’ operating in Phnom Penh, Cambodia are linked closely with the ACBM manned ‘Bible Education Centre’ (BEC). ACBM missionaries attend the dormitories daily for teaching support. Students from the dormitories also study at the BEC regularly and have significant contact with BEC teaching.

Bethézer has also become involved in Vanuatu, where the early education of up to 100-plus village children has been enhanced by the construction of a new school building and the operation of a private, Christadelphian primary school. Work on a second building, which will help cater for the over-abundance of students enrolled. The new Christadelphian school includes in its curriculum an agricultural program with the goal of eventually improving diet. And it also has a slot of time for instruction in Bible lessons and principles.

Bethézer began to build a relationship with the ACBM and co-ordinate projects and activities with the relevant regional committees tasked with mission activities in Vanuatu, Cambodia and East Timor. As a matter of principle, Bethézer has sought to obtain the support and agreement of the South Australian, New Zealand and Tasmanian regional committees for the new projects.

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