Thursday 28 April 2011

Holland Week of billing

We have received the task from Jesus to go out in the world and to spread the Gospel of the Good News.

To bring this Evangelion several brothers and sisters were willing to come to help their Dutch brethren. We were pleased to have this happy reunion of believing people willing to share the Word of God with each other and with others who are at first site not interested in God.

But by putting leaflets in their mailboxes (were it was allowed) we gave them an opportunity to look at we think and react anonymously. When we met some people and could talk to them it gave a possibility to spread the Good News directly. I had some nice opportunities that way (being master enough of Dutch to give some answers directly).

Like good soldiers should do we started early in the year, early in the month, early in the week, early in the day. We were Invited by a different and/or unique publisher to work with us, namely the Broeders in Christus Nederland (Brethren in Christ Holland). For the 'Family Support- allowing you to stay out in the ministry' they provided with nice little houses in a Bungalow park in Hoenderloo, by Apeldoorn. From there we went to Apeldoorn, Deventer and Zutphen to do the door-to-door billing.  the family feeling was in the morning and evening when we all came together with the night visitors from Holland. After the morning reading we went into small groups each our way to post the flyers about the Dutch magazine "Met Open Bijbel" (With Open Bible) and the book "Uitzicht op de toekomst" (View on the Future").
Loolaan, Apeldoorn-Noord
Loolaan, Apeldoorn-Noord (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We tried to synch our service schedule with other Pioneers and learned plenty of other aids from long time Pioneers, Circuit Overseers, Elders. The good thing was that there were "anciens", elders who had come down to the Netherlands already for more then 15 years. They were used to the planning of all those small streets and alleys in living quarters. Going around one clockwise and the other anti-clockwise was a good system to take over. You really could not do it like we used to do in Belgium, going in groups each site of the road and then into the next one. The going around the block and mapping it as done was the only sure way to not miss out one street or group of houses or not to do them twice.

We naturally also got proper rest and did not refrain to have a laugh now and then. Before, between and billing we had social activity.So we did make JOY! Yes, because that is also part of the ministry of a believing person. Make certain that your Ministry is very Joyful And Fun!

    J.O.Y. = Jehovah 1st, Others 2nd, Yourself 3rd. That is what we do have to keep in mind when do Gods work. Then your blessings come from Jehovah!

Increasing the quality of our ministry; can make increase your joy; which increases your ministry and the whole community of the ecclesia!

We at night picked up our Bible Study. And this was more pleasant and could also be more fulfilling then doing it on your own at home. We also could get excited sharing experiences and it was nice to hear how others came to the truth or had conversion stories. It was an open informal pleasant way to always build each other up.
Open Bible
Open Bible (Photo credit: moyerphotos)

Together we could pray for and focus on progressive Bible Studies, sing together and praise the beauties of the Lord.

Those who were there, we thank them for all their efforts to come to our Low Countries to help us to spread the Good News.
Gratefully for this help in the 'Notification' we hope yet that such fine days may come more often and that once we also may find you among us.

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Aankondigingsweek in Nederland
2013 update:

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  1. Having such a coming together we can also reflect: when we speak words to friends or companions do we tend to encourage or discourage them. We could do well to remember P-I-P (Praise Improve Praise). Praise people for what they've done well, suggest where Improvement can be made and then leave them with more Praise.

    Congratulations for those who dare to move their ass and walk for hours from door to door just to put leaflets in mailboxes about Gods word .

  2. Ecclesiastes 11:6:
    “In the morning sow your seed and until the evening do not let your hand rest;
    for you are not knowing where this will have success.”

  3. Only God’s holy spirit can empower us to overcome daunting obstacles and to do things that would be impossible in our own strength. (Mic. 3:8; Matt. 17:20) By having a full share in the preaching work, you show that you are cooperating with that spirit.