Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Cleaning the minds in Naples

The last few days Naples may be back in the news because of the piles of garbage piling up. Nothing goods seems to come over the borders of Italy except that Duncan Heaster could visit a brother who runs a weekly Bible Basics class to which he gets a good attendance.

They work amongst the large African community in Naples, so in fact the message is getting out to people who have come from many parts of the world. They had a number of refugees from Libya and Algeria to visit them and they have tried to assist as best they can.The ecclesia meet three times / week and make good use of the various literature they've been sent by brother Marcus Heaster and the Christadelphian Advancement Trust. This UK registered charity mails out a huge amount of literature on the Truth each week, and without them the work of Carelinks would be much impeded.

After a lengthy period of worship and deep Bible study at the hall which the ecclesia several students decided to make the big step in to the water of cleansing.
The sisters especially emerged from the waters of baptism with such great joy and relief- they had been studying hard for a long time and had really come to this decision for baptism from a serious process of consideration:

You can find a video with by 2 year old Evija helping grandpa Heaster wrapping a parcel of Bible Basics and NEV NTs for Italy- May 2011