Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Speaking in tongues

So often we do hear that we as Christians do have to speak in tongues. those who are not able to speak in tongues, what they ever may mean by it, would not be real believers endowed with the new born life.

According to me speaking in tongues is not speaking in gibberish or not uttering words which make no sense for others.
In the early centuries of Christianity and today to speak in tongues or languages was and is only useful when preaching in a foreign country where that language was or is spoken..

It is probable that the apostles were able to bestow Spirit gifts for as long as they lived (Acts 8:14-17); by which time the Christian Church would have attained maturity.
One may wonder how long the ministration of the Spirit gifts would continue.
This being so, any claim in later times to the possession of Holy Spirit gifts, especially speaking in tongues, does not agree with what we have found in the foregoing Scriptures and therefore should not be accepted as valid.

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