Thursday, 12 May 2011

Taking care of mother earth

Do we want to make the effort to treat the earth well, no matter what and where others might vandalize it?
Men manages to destroy lots of parts of his environment. Sometimes he does not seem to be aware that he destroys nature. If the earth is to be inevitably destroyed, like sin might destroy us, do we just let the earth go to its destruction?

Men has received the possibility to be master of this earth, meaning that he himself can take care of it. But it does not mean he has to be a dictator over it. We our selves have to take care in the first place of our selfs. It is a very difficult task to come to perfection, but that is what we should try to do. Even as we never quite reach perfection, that fact does not prevent us from talking about the high standard for us of God’s moral perspective.
We should know from the instructions given by God in His Word that God has a moral perspective. The idea of caring for one another and caring for our place on the earth moves us from a reward based faith to a place where we do good for good’s sake, or God’s sake.

Having a small position or a high place in our comunity we do have to take up our responsibility.

You can read how a Royal House tries to keep nature in good order:

Royals, mini busses and environment

As a Global Non-political group of individual Christians waiting for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ we want to take care of nature, the Creation of the Most High.

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Zorg dragen voor moeder natuur

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