Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Understanding The Atonement

A new book entitled Understanding The Atonement by brother Matthew Trowell has just been published and lots of debates went on throughout the Christadelphian community.

It concerns one of those things which created a lot of dispute and perhaps some ridicule splits between Christadelphian friends and ecclesiae.
Even whith this publication there seem to be contradictions going around.

Richard Morgan  :Matthew is a Bible student and he doesn't use dead men's words to interpret ...the Scriptures.

One brother wrote: The Atonement is, as any Christadelphian should know, and as John Thomas so fervently argued in Elpis Israel, only one half of the gospel message. The Kingdom of God being the other half. And second, why state sufficient scriptural detail? Is this book a stripped down arguement of the Atonement with minimal scriptural support, in other words - The Atonement Lite?
An other brother reacted: "A quick review of the contents of this book shows that only 75 pages out of 220 pertain to the atonement. Most of the book is completely off topic." and rightly ads: "A Biblical approach would compare and contrast the scriptures, and not pick and choose writings of men to show our partisans were the good guys."

Dan Garan finds that: " It's not really intended as a preaching tool, but a resource for Christadelphians--to present the mainstream view of the atonement in simple terms and to contrast that with divergent views that have cropped up over the years."

Do you want to see through the mists of language and thought that have clouded this most wonderful of all themes in Scripture for far too long?    

You can buy the book: it is available to order or download a free PDF copy at http://www.understandingtheatonement.com/
  1. The Purpose of God
  2. The Nature of Man
  3. The Nature of Christ
  4. The Work of God
  5. Our Hope in Christ
  6. The First Extreme “Clean-Flesh”
  7. The Second Extreme “Andrewism”
  8. What is ‘Sin’?
  9. A Sacrifice For Sin
  10. How Did Christ Benefit?
  11. Types and Shadows
  12. False Conclusions
  13. Sin is Real
  14. Releasing The Angel Inside
  15. Unity of The Faith

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