Wednesday 15 June 2011

Because men choose to go their own way

The recent natural disasters around the world have caused many people to ponder whether these occurrences could be judgements from God. Some say that God is judging humanity because of its increasing immorality. Some say God is sending these calamities as punishment for our rebellion against Him. Are these people right? Are tornados, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and the like, judgements from God?

Because men choose to go his own way and God allowed him to, because He the Creator did not want to be a dictator. The standard, for living a complete life, God has given us is also not liked by many men. Lots of people refuse to keep to those simple standard rules which would make life much more easier.
The Satan prowling the earth is the evil around us, which we can encounter every day.

We should be stronger then all the temptations around us. As Job who shunned evil and even was blameless we should fear God not for what happens today, but for what is going to come at the End Times and at Judgement Day. We should try to find out what our knows our weaknesses and our strengths are and should work on it so that we can become like Christ Jesus.

We also should point out to the world that Planet Earth has to face attacks from Civilisations who do not want to recognise Jehovah God as their creator. In case we can convince others also to live according to the Law of God a lot of problems who have been dismissed.
There does not exist some creatures who would be Fallen Angels and can be called responsible for the problems of this earth. We ourselves are the ones to blame.

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