Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Find more articles on our Wordpress site in the future

On the 10 of April 2004 we started with the Bijbelonderzoekers Groep (Bibleresearch Group) in the MSN Groups. In 2005 on April the 2nd we started the Christadelphian Group in the MSN Groups.

When Microsoft stopped with it and proposed to step over to Multiply we agreed to make the change over. Though did seems to be not to have been the smartest or best choice. When at the end of last year Microsoft also announced that is was going to end Live Spaces in February of this year and proposed the change over to Wordpress we agreed to go to that system which we had encountered at the other change over as well but did not take it at that time. This year we made probably a much better choice. Even old articles which were placed in the Multiply Site of Marcus Ampe got now more readers at the space at Wordpress. the articles published in Multiply never seem to turn up on a Google search while on Wordpress they are also presented in a Google search.

Since we transferred Christadelphian Ecclesia to WordPress.Com we do receive a much better response. therefore we decided to place our bigger articles in the future on that site: Christadelphian Ecclesia WP and on Marcus' Space on Word Press. The older articles and the translation of Marcus Ampe his study of ancient Brothers in Christ and his study on the History of Christianity you shall be able to find on  Biblestudents at WordPress.Com.

We invite all our readers to visit us there at those sites and would find it lovely in case you would not mind to subscribe to them, which can be done easily, for example by RSS Feed.

You also can take us on your Facebook, where you shall be able to find a notice posting of every new publication as well (For the Christadelphian postings on the Christadelphian Facebook account and for Marcus on his account) for Bijbelonderzoekers the postings shall be devided to Biblestudents WP and to Bijbelvorsers at Webs.Com. Some other postings shall also still be posted on  Christadelphia at Webs.Com. We also invite you to become a member there.

We shall keep this platform open, but on a lower scale, and concentrate more on the more popular platforms.


2017 January update:

You may find the Belgian Christadelphians

at their old Google site: Belgische Christadelphians - Belgian Christadelphians

but better look at the more up to date site of their ecclesia: Christadelphian Ecclesia Brussel-Leuven
or find the Flemish Brethren in Christ: Broeders in Christus on WordPress

You also may be interested in their lifestyle magazine and readers digest From Guestwriters


Link update 2017 January

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