Friday, 22 July 2011

The Bible4Life ­- a Multimedia Presentation

The Midlands CALS has arranged an evening of preaching in Birmingham Town Hall on Monday September 26th at 7.30pm. There are 900 seats to fill, and all ecclesias are invited to bring their regular visitors, senior Sunday School children, Seminar attendees, and other contacts.

Rather than a straight talk the programme will consist of three dramatic presentations: Tyndale and Bible Translations; Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream and Bible prophecy; and the High Priest and the way of salvation through Jesus.

It will take about an hour.

The Town Hall authorities are insisting on entrance tickets, which can be obtained in advance from

Sis (Mrs) Pat Brown,
5 Marshfield Close
Church Hill North
B98 8RW
Tel 01527 647787

Tickets must be ordered by Monday 12th September.

Further information will be sent to Midlands Recording Brethren during July and August.

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