Friday, 8 July 2011

Waiting for Gods Salvation

There is, God willing, planned subject to the will and blessing of our Heavenly Father, a week for brethren and sisters, young people and children to come aside from the world for a week and concentrate our minds on those things which we know to be true.

The Christadelphian Hertfordshire Spring Bible School are God willing, to consider the general theme for the week of:


There will be three main sessions each day on the following subjects led by the following brethren:

"The Passover" led by Bro Mark Evans of Napton

"What shall befall Israel in the latter days" led by Bro Richard Mellowes of Caerphilly


"The Kingdom of God" led by Bro Stephen Egginton of Stourport

There will also be topical evening studies and opportunity to consider the daily readings each day. There will be seperate lessons and related activities for the children and young people. There will also be activities organised for those who wish each afternoon, including a visit to a museum of Biblical interest.

COSTS: Full board, including lunch on both Monday and Friday.
Under 4 years: Free
4-6 years: £55 (£69 en-suite)
7-13 years: £111 (£137 en-suite)
14-16 years: £167 (£205 en-suite)
17 years and above: £224 (£274 en-suite)

There is a maximum family charge of £615 in standard accommodation.

Monday  June 4 2012 from 13:00 -Friday  June 8 2012 until 14:00

High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddeston, Hertfordshire
Lord Street
Hoddesdon, United Kingdom

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