Thursday, 4 August 2011

Christa-Delphos Welcome

  • Welcome on this Christadelphian Bible students Forum for news about the Christadelphian community, reflections and Bible study.
    We want to offer an open space where Christians of all sorts of denominations can meet each other.
  •  The name 'Christadelphian' is compounded of two Greek words: 'christos' and 'adelphoi' and means 'brethren in Christ'.  The Christadelphians are a group of people associated together by a common belief in 'the things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ the Messiah (Acts 8v12).
  • We are a worldwide community whose aim is to follow as closely as possible the teaching and example of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Bible.  We endeavour to read the whole Bible at least once every year.  In a world full of uncertainties we enjoy a simple, direct and logical faith, offering peace and contentment now, and the promise of everlasting joy to come.
  • Everybody is invited to share their thoughts about God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah,  His creation, religion and Christianity.
  • Originally this site was mainly in Dutch with some postings in English. [If you want to see only the English texts you can choose the tag "English text" or click on the other one "English texts" (which is for shorter notes, mixed English articles, and links) and/or on the tag "general"]
    Later we got the Dutch postings placed on Bijbelonderzoekers Journal and the English equivalent here. But because trying to reach the Belgian public in particular the tags where kept in Dutch. (The best way if you are looking for a certain subject please do translate the English word to Dutch and find it under the tags.)
  • From the Summer 2011 onwards the main articles are placed on the Wordpress site of the Belgian Christadelphian Ecclesia. Please do find more over there.
  • (From Summer 2011 onwards) This Multiply site with its Blog: the Christadelphians Journal is functioning more as a notice board, Forum and a place were you can find Photos, Videos and Links.
To find recent English additions please scroll down to the English texts tag-box on the Homepage where you can find the most recent English additions and favourite texts.

- republication from Multiply by transfer Multiply articles to Blogger 2012 October

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