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English Artticles from July-September 2011

In Christa-Delphos Welcome we brought a welcome to new visitors and mentioned also the news of us not going to bring so many articles any more on this platform.

We are pleased to find that the articles we now place on the WordPress pages are generating more visitors a day. And that is what we would love to see: more people reading about our ideas.

But we also notice that people do not dare to subscribe or do not want (yet) to receive updates so that they can know when a new article is published.
It does not harm to subscribe and it is free. At no cost or hidden agendas you can receive a notice in your mailbox when a new article is published. That is also for this site; By becoming a member you shall be able to get a notice by every new publication or to receive a rapport of what has been published in the past week.

On the other websites some article can be interesting to have a look at.
You shall be able to find:

Major points of Christadelphian belief

יהוה Creator of heaven and earth and everything around

A god between many gods

The wrong hero

God about His name “יהוה“

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The Bible and names in it

Salvation, trust and action in Jesus #1 Suffering covered by Peace Offering

Salvation, trust and action in Jesus #2 What you must do

Salvation, trust and action in Jesus #3 as a Christian

Self inflicted misery #1 The root by man

Self inflicted misery to bear 1.     The root by man For some the Book of Job offers no simple answer to the problem of suffering. But it should shed a light on how nobody can escape the problems of this world and shall be able to find himself confronted with misery at one or another [...]

Self inflicted misery #2 Weakness of human race

Self inflicted misery to bear 2.     Weakness of human race Man’s neglect and misuse of his own life has corrupted the stream of human life itself, and left evils which fall on succeeding generations. These, again as part of natural law, may manifest themselves as hereditary weaknesses and tendencies to disease. The very stuff of [...]

Self inflicted misery #3 A man given to suffer for us

Self inflicted misery to bear 3.     A man given to suffer for us About 2000 years ago a man named Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem in the land of Israel. His birth, mission, death and resurrection were foretold by the prophets of the Old Testament of the Bible and revealed to us [...]

Self inflicted misery #4 To whom to listen

Self inflicted misery to bear 4.     To whom to listen As Christians we better listen to the one whose title we use in our name: Christians. The Christ, Jesus or Yeshua, the Nazarene often talked about his Father who showed His love to the world. The master teacher knew that many people accused his loving [...]

Self inflicted misery #5 A prophet without a hedge around him

Self inflicted misery to bear 5.     A prophet without a hedge around him Though God loved Jesus He did not put hedge about him. Perhaps we can say God had blessed the work of his hands but God had not put a wall round him and no protection when Jesus was in need not to [...]

Self inflicted misery #6 Paying by death

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Self inflicted misery to bear 6.     Paying by death The people Jesus brought to live had to die again. As long as the world did not come to face the End of the Times, the world had to pay for her sins by death. You could say that is the penalty God has given us [...]

Self inflicted misery #7 Good news to our suffering

Self inflicted misery #8 Pruning to strengthen us

Self inflicted misery #9 Subject to worldly things