Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Provocator on the market

A new season brings mostly also new things.

As you can find new programs on your television screen, you also can find new Websites on the internet.

"Stepping Toes" does not mind being a little devil in a box.

The Christadelphian community often gets questions in their box about heavily discussed cases or matters, were a lot do not want to burn their fingers. But also non believing persons do dare to question the sayings of believers that there would be existing a God. Therefore the Christadelphians on Xanga would not mind going deeper into that matter, questioning if it could be possible that there is a God who made all the things around us. And when there would exist such a God, what we do have to think about Him and how we have to cope with Him.

The website is also not to be afraid to look at certain sayings, like that this God has three faces or is a man or is a woman. It shall look at those gods God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and find out what those people say about themselves and about the others. the Website shall not be afraid to reveal what the Books do say of those people who way that they believe in the Real God, if that one does exist.

To provoke, to call forth, evoke feelings is what the site Stepping Toes does want to do. It shall not go out the way to question the feelings we would like to share. It wants to challenge all those ideas said by so many people of so many different believes.

There are so many gods and so many religions, and we cannot escape the remark that many religions caused a lot of trouble and bloodshed. Would that be what the Creator of the heaven and earth wanted? Is this what a loving father would let happen to his children?

All those Christians who have so many different ideas, are their ideas grounded in an acceptable Truth?

"Stepping Toes" wants those who say they believe call to action. They want to excite those who want to know and want to bring peace over the whole earth.
You would think than that you would have to be prudent. It could be. But "Stepping Toes" is not going to be afraid to step on some toes. sometimes it can be necessary to awaken some people by purring them. A good loving purr shall not harm.

the new website came into existence because several Xanga people said things we as Christadelphians wanted to react on it, but could not because we were not a Xanga member. Becoming a member now we can reply to their postings, but took this occasion to bring ourselves also some postings and present the Xanga members with some articles with our views.

Tending or designed to give several thoughts a second opinion and to have some matters questioned the Christadelphians over there shall not quit or stay silent to anything that provokes.
But they themselves shall also dare to question certain sayings of others, though they shall try to do it in a loving way, but ardent to find out the truth.

In case you go have a look over there, do not mind that you can be questioned or ticked on your fingers. Also dare to go in discussion, they would not mind.

For those who are prurient or uneasily or morbidly interested, curious, or craving, this could be a place to be. If you are dallying with lascivious thoughts do not mind causing itching and utter your ideas on the "Stepping Toes" website.

They are even not afraid to question their own thinking, because they are aware of their Faith that it can only grow when you do know more about it and dare to question what you can find in the Bible, what they consider to be the Word of God, the only word we should follow.

Please do find Christadelphians on Xanga with/on Stepping Toes