Friday 14 October 2011

Experiencing God

Experiencing God What is the first emotion...
Alan Hermann
Experiencing God

What is the first emotion that you experience when you think of God?
There are many answers to this question. Some are helpful and some dangerous but none are neutral.

Probably the most dangerous place of all to be in, is to answer, ‘nothing’. If the thought of God brings nothing to our heart then we desperately need to spend time with Him strengthening our relationship.
There are two seemingly opposed answers that are in fact complementary. They bring together apparently differing emotions to build one glorious whole. Neither is greater than the other. Both are important on their own but together they make a far greater whole. In no particular order they are ‘awe’ and ‘love’.

Awe by itself can, if misunderstood, lead to servile fear or a sense of worthlessness. We can begin to see God as mighty but distant and lose the precious truth that we live from within His eternal hug.

Love by itself can become seen as sloppy sentimentality as we lose sight of the fact that God is our friend but not our mate. Together they show the awe filled grandeur and power of the One who loves, as well as the tender Father heart of the Creator and King.

To live the full life we need to experience the fullness of God. His hug is warm and His arms are strong.

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