Sunday, 19 February 2012

Antwerp Ecclesia

According to the latest news on Carelinks according to Duncan Heaster there is a Christadelphian ecclesia in Antwerp.

On the Carelinks website is written:

For January: "There are strong groups of Iranian brethren and contacts developing in Belgium and Scandinavia, as reported previously. This week it was our pleasure to visit again the group in Antwerp and to assist them with the baptisms of two brethren, D and D
These brethren both have wives and families, and they need our prayers in the difficult situation they are all in. Darius had been attended a church for a year but they refused to baptize him because he couldn't pay tithes. He then started searching wider for the real truth and was providentially led to us by a meeting with another Iranian brother."

For February:  "The spread of the Truth amongst the network of Iranian brethren throughout Western Europe is an amazing if largely unrecognized phenomena, and an amazing evidence that God is indeed active today amongst those often rejected and marginalized by Western society. Another brief visit was paid to the ecclesia at Antwerp, and we're pleased to report the baptism of brother A. Iranian brethren from elsewhere in Belgium travelled to be with us for this happy event and to strengthen our new brother."

It is incredible that in case there would be many Iranian Christadelphians in Belgium, they do not take any contact with other brothers and sisters in this so small country.
It is unbelievable that those baptised by Duncan Heaster in Belgium do not take any contact with us. The once I new of and contacted gave reasons why they did not want to have any contact with Christadelphians having any connection with CBM. It is really a shame and very unchristian like.

I would like to invite all those who want to call themselves Christadelphian and are staying in Belgium to contact the Christadelphian brothers from Mons and Leuven and contacting the Christadelphian Ecclesia Brussel-Leuven.

We should unite as brothers and sisters and come together, meeting regularly and forming one ecclesia together or having connections between the different ecclesiae. Not ignoring each others existence.

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