Monday, 26 November 2012

UK Youth Preach

From 3rd-10th August 2013 the Youth Preach Committee is launching a project called UK Youth Preach (or UKYP) which is a weeks preaching project aimed at young people. As the CALS are sponsoring UKYP, it will be FREE for the young people to attend. The week will consist of 3 days preaching training and 4 days putting the training into practice by going out on campaigns organised all over the country.

The training will consist of talks and workshops on a range of topics such as evidence for the Bible, effective communication, life'€™s big questions, social issues, key doctrines and practical preparation.

We are pleased to report that we now have confirmed lots of exciting proposals for campaigns which will be taking place all over the country. These events will run as regular campaigns, with the added bonus of having a group of young people attending from UKYP. Activities may include things such as helping in Bible Learning Centres, preaching to children through holiday clubs and puppet shows, dramatic productions of the resurrection inquiry, hosting the Bible Exhibition, running coffee shops and much much more!

If you are a young person aged 16-35 and are interested in attending UKYP (the week following UKYC) please visit our website for more information. Bookings are now open and places are going fast so visit to book on.

If you are not attending UKYC but are interested in attending UKYP only, you will be able to book on from January 2013 onwards.

Please keep this event in your prayers that all may grow in their relationship with God and that more people may come to hear the gospel message.

With love in Jesus,

The UKYP Committee

Steve Harris, Brian Hulme, John Owen, James Pearson, Hannah Pearson and Rachel Price