Friday, 9 November 2012

Words in the world

The world is revolving all the time and we are just a small part in it.

For thousands of years humans had to find themselves a rightful space to live adequately and looked for different ways to make their life as enjoyable as possible. Men thought a lot about the reasons why we live and what we have to do, where we going to and what happens as we die.

There have always been more questions in a human life than answers. Many humans used their brains to find answers and solutions and where willing to share their thoughts with others.

In previous times some people wanted to present the world as a tree bringing knowledge tradition, extending between earth and heaven, being a vital connection between the world of the unknown, possible heavenly creatures or spirits, gods and the world of man.
Today people are more rational and think of a black hole and a big bang followed by an evolution to come back to an end by a big explosion.

Many ideas, many scientific explanations. Lots of writings, lots of discussions.

In between all those books and words of human beings, you can find people who consider it more worthwhile to listen to the words written in some very old books. They believe those ancient writings are timeless, and do bring us the history of the people of God and show us the way to come to a better life. We can believe it or not, we can take it or leave it.

Men has been intrigued from the beginning about his position in the world. Many also wondered about gods or higher spiritual beings. Christadelphians are no different. They also questioned the existence of man. They too are concerned with earth, the plants and the animals, and the human beings who can make or destroy a lot of things in the universe.

We also wonder about the world and face the stories about creation, myths and doctrines. We too are confronted with different opinions and religions. Myth and mythology have fostered for many years many thinkers. There have come a lot of fields in existence were scholarship took time and effort to study the importance of the world and the human being.
Buddhism, Christianity,Hinduism, Judaism, Taoism and so many more forms of thinking religious or mythical gave the world lots of books and many words which turn around our ears to bring us either in confusion or to bring us along several paths in this world.

In the Christadelphian World humble pacifist people would like to share their love with others all over the world. Here you will be able to find thoughts from a specific angle. Christadelphians, could be seen as people who live in the phila delphia or in christadelphia as brothers in the city of Christ. As brothers and sisters we want to share our time and knowledge, to educate each other and to grow in Christ. The Jewish teacher who lived about two thousand years ago, and wanted the world to show the works of his Father, the Only One God in heaven. Yes that is the only thing we should take as a sort of dogma. For all the rest we do not need any dogma. Everything is explained in the Words of that One God, who is One.

That is the only facet which requires full faith without a clear proof. Christadelphian people believe in that One God, who is a spirit and not something physical touchable. This Spirit who is One God of gods has created everything around us. It may be a ghost but we do not have to be afraid of him, who also has a Name of which we should not be afraid. He is the Most High in which we should have faith and confidence.
We have the Creator of heaven and earth and everything around יהוה who exists and has given His Word which is inspired and infallible. In a special way He took care that the world could be saved by man who was willing to give his life for many. This Jewish man, Jeshua from Nazareth, better known as Jesus Christ is the long awaited Messiah. Jesus tried to show the world what it had to believe and what would happen to it. God had put His hope in him and also we should put our hope in this humble man who could preach like none. In him we got a better future.

This man's words were written down by his disciples, who also wrote down the history of the first followers of Jesus. By his teachings and according the way the first followers of Christ wanted to build up their community we also like to build up a community according the teachings of Christ and his apostles and according the Will of God so that we can get a life with God. Christadelphians want to nurture a close relationship with God the Creator.

Many people should better get a Fear of God as reason to return to Holy Scriptures, and get to read the Bestseller of all times, The book of books, the Bible.

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