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Pope Benedict XVI resigns

Benedict XVI (2005-present, Episcopal form of ...
Benedict XVI (2005-present, Episcopal form of Papal arms) An alternate version with Papal Tiara: here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yesterday the Vatican has confirmed that Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger's papacy began in 2005 will come to an end at the end of the month, because Pope Benedict XVI is to resign. This is reportedly only the second time a head of the Catholic church has stepped down. The last time was nearly 600 years ago.

Cardinal Raffaele Farina, emeritus prefect of the Apostolic Library, said: "We were all taken by surprise, nobody had expected it. Many faces in the room were streaked with tears."
"We were amazed by the Holy Father's decision," said Paolo Romeo, the archbishop of Palermo. "But it is a choice that deserves respect and shows his profound love for the Church."

French cardinal Poupard said he and his colleagues had been called to what they thought was a routine event in the Vatican's Sala del Concistoro in the Apostolic Palace, next to St Peter's Square.
But at the end of the meeting, they were asked to sit down again and it was then that the Pope gave his declaration, announcing that he would step down on Feb 28 because of his age and dwindling strength.
"I understood from the very first words and I said 'My God'," Cardinal Poupard, a former Vatican culture minister, told Le Figaro.
"As it went on, I saw the faces opposite me express astonishment, stupor. The whole thing lasted a few minutes at most," he said.
"Then the Pope left with his usual discretion and restraint, leaving us all very moved in the face of this exceptional and historic decision."

This Wednesday morning looking tired but serene, Pope Benedict XVI told thousands of faithful that he was stepping down for "the good of the church," speaking in his first public appearance since dropping the bombshell announcement of his resignation.
Pope Benedictus XVI
Pope Benedictus XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 85-year-old Benedict basked in more than a minute-long standing ovation when he entered the packed audience hall for his traditional AshWednesday general audience. He was interrupted by applause by the thousands of people, many of whom had tears in their eyes.
A huge banner reading "Grazie Santita" (Thank you Your Holiness) was strung up at the back of the hall.

Benedict's final public appearances are expected to draw great crowds, as they may well represent some of the last public speeches for a man who has spent his life — as a priest, a cardinal and a pope — teaching and preaching.

A Flemish delegation of pilgrims will be some of the last people to get a private audience coming Friday.

Yesterday on many television programs that seemed the only main news of the day and they talked for hours about this decision and about the possibility for change in the Roman Catholic Church recognising it has more members out of Europe than on this part of the planet earth.

For centuries the Catholics claim that Jesus pronounced that Peter had to be the leader of the church.For them he became the first "Pope" and all the pastors who leaded the Catholic chuch after him where followers of that first Pope and had the power received from God to speak without fault or to be infallible on belief matters.

We do have to question if it can be that human people can speak without error. Is it really that God apointed unerring people to be in charge of the Church of God?

Our fellow brethren of Blackpool Street, Burton on Trent ask in The Pope Resigns to do a careful reading of what is being sayd in the Holy Scriptures when Jesus speaks about the work that has to be done and about the faith his pupils do have to have. Jesus is actually saying in Matthew 16v15-19 that the rock on which the church is built is his confession and understanding of who Jesus is .

When we look at the book of Acts we also can clearly see that Peter is not the leader of the apostles. We also get to see that even the new convert who wrote so many important letters, Paul, did not get the leading role, though at some point he rebuked Peter (Galatians 2:11) James also was a co-brother of equal statue and duties with Peter.

We also may not forget that when Jesus was questioned about who would be the leader after Jesus he told them that they would have to be equal and be happy that they could do some duties in the Church, each to their own possibilities, in humbleness and love for each other.

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