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Help us to get better known

Please do not forget: Every share, like, re-tweet, +1, subscription, and pin to one of our Websites means one more endorsement for our website, simultaneously increasing our social capital and our search creditability.
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You can help us by making us able to gain a massive amount of social shares, so that we not just boost our SEO signals and our site visibility — you shall make it easier for us to create content with value for our customer base.
For years when they went to places or got to know something they told others about it. That way others also got to hear about other places and new ventures.
When we are looking for a mechanic, plumber, handyman, doctor in medicine, health practitioner, lawyer, a good hotel or a great restaurant, we look to our friends for recommendations. In other words, we look to people we trust.
The same principle applies online.
We look to social signals when evaluating any piece of content. A blog post with 1,000 Twitter shares is an indication that we probably won’t be disappointed by reading it. The same with a photograph shared more than 600 times on Google+ or a YouTube video with 5 million views.
Google’s search ranking algorithm relies heavily on a website’s ‘reputation’ around the Internet when delivering search results because it does not want to give bad recommendations,. Especially since its Penguin and Panda updates, Google has looked at how many people find a website useful and share - worthy as an indicator of how highly Google should rank or recommend it in search results. That’s great for big brands with huge audiences, but we are not a big business and also do not have huge funds or advertisement possibilities.
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You could wonder if small business owners can compete.You may love or hate the social media.
Usually when people talk about social media, they’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. And those are all very important. Therefore we share our mainblogs writings on them.
The blogs creates lots of ‘entry points’ to our main website "Belgian Christadelphians", and they also link to other content on our other websites, plus presenting our readers possibilieties to find related articles on other websites, in a way creating an opening for those websites to find more viewers as well and also a possibility for a better ranking. The subjects we are talking about seem for us too important not to give people who would disagree with us no other views, where they perhaps can find their way. Perhaps some years later they may find us back and remember our openness and got them convinced that we are perhaps much closer to the truth than they originally thought.
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We do hope that we may give our visitors interesting, relevant content to consume. every passer by can help us, by reacting either by giving comments or by "Liking" the article or putting a thumb up or giving it a "+".
In case you feel our cause worthwhile, please do help us to be better known.
Mention our articles in your articles or link back; give re-tweets, shares, links, and views that will make Google feel good about recommending us.
From now on you can find Marcus Ampe and the Belgian Christadelphians on Twitter: and
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